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About Kim Cornick

Starting my career in medical sales nearly 20 years ago, I never would have imagined I would be where I am today, owning my own medical distribution business. From Administrative Assistant to Territory Representative to Product Specialist to Director of Sales I feel that each position has given me the ground work to provide customers with what they are looking for on a day to day basis and what is key to business in todays rapidly changing world.  Forming relationships with MDRD staff, purchasing staff, nurses, managers and surgeons has taught me to be highly knowledgeable in products to be able to change conversations to provide the customer with the information they need to provide best hospital practice and follow guidelines as directed. The ability to be able to speak about a broad range of products shows the versatility you need to succeed in the medical world.

I have travelled to many places in my working experience and I must say as much as I miss my family when I am gone, I also think it’s important to explore. One of my favorite memories, I was working in Yellowknife one January, it was -22 without the wind-chill when I arrived. I spent a few days getting things set up at the hospital but found myself with a day to explore. I took the opportunity to go dog sledding and it was an experience I will never forget. The weather had warmed up making it bearable to brave the outdoors. From my knowledgeable and fun guide to the amazing dogs and scenery, the experience was something I will never forget and also something I would never have the experience to do without being there for work. Another wonderful experience was travelling to Hawaii. I was there for a conference, my husband joined me and we added a few extra days to our trip. We drove around the island, taking in all the views, watching surfers and enjoyed eating amazing seafood. We climbed Diamond Head mountain and enjoyed some local Hawaiian cuisine. Another trip I will never forget and hope to be able to take my entire family one day.

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