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Nationwide Medical is a privately owned Canadian Company that nationally distributes surgical supplies and medical equipment. Based in Nova Scotia with easy access to Halifax International Airport, Nationwide Medical is able to provide prompt response to Canadian hospitals.

Nationwide Medical’s exclusive distribution of MediPlus, Urology products, such as, S-Cath™ an innovative method of inserting catheters suprapubically that is proven to be safer, faster and dramatically more cost effective than other Urinary Catheters on the market for both adult and Paediatric Urology. For Anaesthesia, Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA) along with Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) and Peripheral IV Connectors gives all MediPlus IV products include features necessary for safe, convenient and cost effective TIVA delivery. Medtrica; from Dry Flat and Tubular sponges to Tip Instrument Protectors and Scope Sleeves, a variety of customizable products is offered to help customers pre-clean and protect their endoscopes while providing a high level of patient safety. Elvation; The latest piezo shockwave generation from Richard Wolf and ELvation – the PiezoWave 2- offers a number of unique features. The piezo single and double-layer technology has been used to create a unique, never previously designed range of optional therapy sources offering point-focused, planar and – a world first – linear focused shockwaves. The PiezoWave² is the best shockwave source for every indication, with outstanding performance data and an exceptional – guaranteed! – lifespan of up to 5 million pulses, depending on the therapy source. Users benefit from easy-to-operate controls, automatic therapy source recognition with a plug & play function, and the ELvation ESWT App for iPads, conveniently slotted in the tablet PC holder.

Nationwide Medical is a national distributor dedicated to quality product, service, reliability and knowledge. We provide outstanding products along with knowledge and expertise to assist Hospitals, Physiotherapy clinics, Chiropractors and Chiropodists in purchasing to their specific needs and to their increasingly diminishing budgets. Nationwide Medical values their customers and will hold themselves accountable to deliver on the commitment made to their customers.


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