effective and gentle

The Piezo Shockwave from Richard Wolf uniquely combines and expands orthopaedic ESWT applications with the applications of TPST. This means a significant expansion of the range of applications by including the wide area of myofascial pain syndrome. The extracorporeal, focused shock wave allows both the therapy and the precise location of active and latent trigger points.  The trigger is excited by the small focus point. The variable depth of penetration of the focused shock wave up to 60 mm allows deep-seated triggers to be localised and treated with accuracy. To minimize the flight instinct the systems are powerful but extremly quiet.

Indications for ESWT in large animals

• Insertion desmopathy
• Tendopathy
• Inflammation of sesamoid bones
• Calcification
• Degenerative joint disease
• Fractures (pseudathrosis), fissures
• Periostal reactions
• Back musculature

Indications for ESWT in small animals

• Disorganized or delayed healing of fractures b(pseudarthrosis) with and without fixation
• Tendonitis of the bicipital, Achilles and suprascapular  btendon
• Osteoarthritis
• Malformation of the elbow and hip
• Sesamoiditis
• Chronic back pain