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medtrica-logoFrom Bedside Cleaning Appli-kits and Pre-soaked or Dry Flat and Tubular sponges to Tip /Instrument Protectors and Scope Sleeves, we offer a variety of customizable products to help you pre-clean and protect your endoscopes and surgery instruments.

All of our products are easy to use and are made with 100% medical grade, Green Friendly foam and non-toxic, highly effective, enzymatic detergent.

Our cleaning and protection products are designed to work quickly and practically— and are customizable to your specific cleaning and protection needs.

Durasponge-Tube-1DuraSponge™ ( Tubular and Flat design) retains up to 15% more cleaning solution than standard sponges or paper based wipes.  It is compatible with all types of enzymatic and disinfecting solutions.

The DuraSponge™ allows for the safe cleaning of sensitive instruments and fixtures, as well as all general surfaces.

DuraSponge™ will not flake or scratch like lower quality sponge, mesh or paper based products.

Tubular DuraSponge™

  • Tube Sponge size: 4.5″L x 2.4″D w/ .25″ center hole
  • Larger sponge / wider and longer size compared to other tube sponges – provides greater barrier protection from debris, larger surface area contacted, holds more fluid.
  • Tubular DuraSponge can also be used as a tip protector/bumper guard during storage and transport**

Smaller diameter hole allows for:

  1. Tighter fit around all types of scopes when cleaning / more surface area in contact with insertion tube
  2. Tighter fit if used as a ‘bumper guard’ to protect the distal end of the scope

Available bulk – 100 per case; Or Dispenser Box – 4 boxes of 25 / 100 units per case

Flat DuraSponge™

  • Flat Sponge Size: 5″L x 4″W x 1/2″
  • Available bulk – 200 per case; Or Dispenser Box – 4 boxes of 50 / 200 units per case


  • 100% medical grade, Green Friendly foam – see Green Friendly Foam
  • Best used at bed side and or in SPD during full or pre-cleaning to wipe down insertion tube before cycling enzymatic and detergent through the scope.

** When using the tubular DuraSponge as a tip protector / bumper guard during storage it is recommended to:

Allow for airflow and unobstructed drainage around the distal end of the scope by keeping the end of the tubular DuraSponge even with the distal end of the scope.

Do not place the distal end of the scope in the middle of the tubular DuraSponge™ during storage.

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2013-11-27 11.03.41 - Copy - CopyTip Protection for Endoscope Lens and Surgical Instruments

• Semi-rigid expandable mesh protects the tip/lens of endoscopes from both front and side impact.

– Also for other sensitive surgical instruments

• Allows moisture to escape, eliminating potential bacteria growth (Pseudomonas species) that can occur with most foam or solid protectors

• Will not fall off and is not abrasive/will not scratch any part of the scope/lens

• For use during transport and storage

Small – 100 count – Red
• Protects instruments that are 2mm – 10mm wide (for upper GI scopes and smaller instruments)

Large – 100 count – Blue
• Protects instruments that are 7mm – 15mm wide (for lower GI scopes and larger instruments)

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Endoscope-w-EndosockPaper based scope sleeve protects and wicks moisture away from the insertion tube.

Scope Sleeve doesn’t allow moisture to build up that can result in bacteria growth in-between uses – (Pseudamonis).

The Scope Sleeve is also designed so that an easy to read label can be attached to the scope and then removed and placed on a record chart.

The label allows for quick identification of a reprocessed scope by serial number, date, time and the name of the technician responsible for reprocessing.

  • Small – 36″ L x 1” W sleeves
  • Large – 78″ L x 1” W Sleeves

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